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Company Profile

Brad Peters and Paul Staelin founded Birst in 2004 after a highly successful run at Siebel Systems as product leaders of the Siebel Analytics team, later to become Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE). OBIEE later became a market share leader by being one of the first ground-up, server-oriented BI platforms that served an entire enterprise, not just a department or desktop. During that time Paul and Brad were struck by the 9, 12 and even 18 months timeframes and effort it took to apply that era’s BI platform technologies in order to deploy enterprise-caliber analytical applications. They felt that while such platforms were powerful, their deep fragmentation and excessive configuration caused an unacceptable deployment timeframe and that data-driven businesses of the future would demand a better way.

Brad’s vision in the development of the Birst business intelligence platform was to bridge unique experiences from both an application point of view and a BI platform point of view. While others in the BI industry focused on extremely simple, or trivial desktop data sets and “dumbing down” BI, Birst’s goal was to confront enterprise application data complexity head-on. The diversity and “any-to-any” relationships of data, not data scale, was really the enemy of speed and agility. As a result, Birst created proprietary techniques that made the development of analytical applications far more automated. This allowed them to take broad sets of enterprise application data, and make it “analytically ready” at a rate never before possible, allowing Birst to deliver enterprise caliber applications in a rapid and agile fashion.

During the early years of the company, the initial deployments of Birst were a diverse set of purpose built, analytical business applications that delivered analytics on top of some of the most rich and high volume transaction systems.

In 2009, after 6 years of pragmatic and highly successful enterprise-scale deployments, Brad decided the platform was ready to open up for anyone to develop generalized analytical applications. By leveraging now-patent-pending automation technology, tested at scale, the Birst system could rapidly adapt to the different types of use cases and datasets that are found in every major organizations without prior compromises between enterprise scale, scope and speed.

Birst is unique in this perspective due to its origins in deploying holistic, enterprise-grade analytical solutions, versus trying to build up from a limited desktop approach, or string together collections of low-level point products. Our investments in analytical data automation, adaptive user experience and modern multi-tenant architectural thinking is a groundbreaking approach that is thought leading and unique in the marketplace.

Birst’s modern 2-Tier approach can now deliver enterprise-grade capability, governance and scale, while enabling distributed line of business operations to achieve the speed, self-service and functional agility that they crave. As a result, Birst is deployed at 1,000s of global corporations today. Delivering business intelligence is what we do.