Cake Solutions


Company Profile

Using the very latest technologies, Cake Solutions helps organisations take innovative and disruptive ideas and develop them into reactive software solutions. Cake’s success is underpinned by our unique One Team approach that allows for standalone projects or close collaboration with the clients’ technology teams. Cake provides mentors to guide the entire organisation through modern software engineering, continually transferring skills and knowledge to client teams in the process. This enables Cake to deliver not just software but to transform the way organisations think about and execute software delivery.

As an early adopter of change in the IT industry, Cake embraces the use of the latest bleeding edge programming languages and tools to implement system components including big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things. Cake delivers the appropriate technical solution to a business problem and can transform the way organisations think about and deliver production-ready high quality systems safely and predictably.

Whatever scale of system required, our experienced, cross-functional agile teams will enable delivery of the entire solution not just lines of code. We appreciate the importance of continuous integration, continuous delivery, DevOps and rigorous testing.

Cake team members are published authors, prolific bloggers and experienced speakers. They have extensive experience in designing, building and implementing scalable Reactive Applications and are encouraged to continually research and innovate and to publish thought leading insights.