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Company Profile

Datawatch invented self-service data preparation. Twenty years ago our Datawatch Monarch product was introduced to solve the vexing data challenge of the time – unlocking mainframe print spool data so it could be used for other analytic tasks. And over the years, although the types of “dark data” formats have evolved, our core mission has never wavered – allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results with any data.

With the advent of new self-service analytics tools designed for business users, the need for a complementary self-service data preparation solution is becoming widely recognized. Overcoming organizational data challenges is critical to achieving business success:
-80% of an analyst’s time is spent on data preparation
-Only 12% of enterprise data is used for decision making
-Data will grow 800% over the next 5 years and 90% will be multi-structured

Datawatch products are unique in how they empower customers to solve some of the most difficult data challenges with simple drag-and-drop, or mouse clicks. No other solution can unlock data as quickly and powerfully as Datawatch. We know that business agility is best achieved when users can interact directly with all their data. And IT becomes the hero when they choose solutions that business users love and can be deployed at any scale when required.