Grove Group

Web: http://www.groveis.com/
Tel: +44 207 493 6625

Company Profile

Grove is a technology company helping our customers solve business problems through the innovative use of technology. This is delivered through Grove’s cloud-based technology platform with proprietary big data algorithms and mobile development toolkits, enabling organisations to get access to the best technology to deliver to their requirements.

Grove have been doing this since 2005 as a leading provider of agile and flexible solutions that enable organisations to transform how they operate whilst accelerating innovation. Grove’s solutions help clients to capitalise on the benefits of Cloud computing, Mobility and Big Data analytics whilst maximising the investments in their current solutions.

At Grove, we are challenging traditional business software and applications, and believe they must be simple, agile and analytically driven. Grove come with the experience of working with some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations to ensure they leverage the power of Cloud computing, Mobility & Big Data.