Web: http://www.minitlabs.com
Tel: +31 (6) 247 146 07

Company Profile

minit is an innovative software for automated discovery, analysis, auditing and optimization of business processes.
minit revolutionizes the way in which companies can analyze and visualize their business processes. Using special algorithms, minit analyzes Big Data extracted from ERPs, CRMs, Service Management systems, BPM, LOB systems, and more to show how business processes in the company really flow based on reality, not a subjective view of information gathered by traditional means of interviewing personnel.

minit helps companies:
• Analyze billions of events, show a process visualization in seconds, not possible by human consultants – disruption of process consulting business
• Identify the bottlenecks, fraudulent activity, optimizations points and conflicts
• Process mapping and documenting, process compliance checking, process auditing, continuous process monitoring and improvement
• Process optimization - increase quality, speed up the processes and reduce costs

minit has been recognised as Microsoft Industry Awards Winner 2015 and mentioned as one of the top products by GARTNER.