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Company Profile

At Trifacta, we know that the key to winning with Big Data lies with people. That’s why our innovations focus on the user experience—to provide radical productivity gains for data professionals, and enable business analysts to work directly with Big Data. The result: faster, better decisions across the organization.

Our technical vision focuses on connecting human intuition with computational power. Analysts get clear visibility and light touchpoints on massive data; algorithms extract signals and patterns from data and user behavior; interfaces surface machine suggestions and visualizations for further human attention.

For the user, the experience is simply an intuitive, agile new way of working with data.

Success in the 21st century depends on leveraging the data at your disposal. Yet for many organizations, data still seems too complex, varied and vast to be useful on a daily basis. Trifacta’s mission is to change all that, and enable you to quickly transform Big Data from a burden into a strategic asset.

We’re transforming the way the world works with data.